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Considering vending machines for your location?

Have you been wondering about adding vending machines to your location to provide drinks, snacks or coffee for your employees and/or customers? Do you have current vending machines that are not working properly, or possibly not being serviced on a regular basis?  If you are looking for a professional, service oriented business to provide vending machines for your business, we would love to have the opportunity to earn your business!

If you qualify for our free vending program, we will deliver, set up and fill the machines at no cost to you. After the initial installation, Burleson Vending will stop by your location on a regular basis and refill the machines.  And the service doesn’t stop there.  We continually evaluate the purchasing habits at each location and adjust the inventory based on your location’s specific buying patterns.  Bottom line, we want to make your vending decision a no-brainer so you can focus on your business and not worry about vending issues.  Contact us today for more information. 


The type of beverage machine we deliver is based on the number of employees and the location of the machine.  Higher volume areas require different types of vending machines than lower volume locations.  We will evaluate your situation on an individual basis.



Most snack machines are filled with chips, pastries, candy, nuts, protein bars and other  types of products.  We can also add healthier snacks if requested.  In some cases, we provide combination vending machines that have both drinks and snacks in one unit.



There are lots of different options today regarding coffee and hot drinks than in the past.  Whether you are looking for just coffee or want to include other flavored hot drinks, we’ll be happy to assist.


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We realize vending is not usually your top priority, but it is ours… and we would love to prove that to you! We take great pride in not only providing world class service, but also building long term relationships with great companies in our service area.  We realize if we treat others like we want to be treated, everything else just falls in place.

Drinks continue to be the largest seller from vending machines; however businesses such as motels also use vending machines to sell  toothbrushes, tooth paste, aspirin, deodorant, feminine products, chap stick, cough drops and many more items that travelers sometimes forget.

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Credit card readers and touchless payment options, such as Apple Pay, have made a big impact on the vending industry in recent years.

There is an estimated 4.6 million vending machines in the United States currently.

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